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    C K. Vishnudas


    Vishnudas is an Ornithologist and Conservation Ecologist with 20 years’ experience in ecological research with birds as subject in the Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats and Central India. Published several research papers in international journals. Main interests are in the ecology, evolution, Biogeography and conservation with special focus on avifauna and threatened ecosystems such as mountains. He is also working on diseases ecology in mountain systems with emphasis on avian malaria. Co-author of Two books on Ornithology and natural history of Kerala. He was part of the research team that retraced the Travancore-Cochin ornithological survey conducted by legendary ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali in the year 1933, after a period of 75 years in 2009, documenting change in bird community since Salim Ali’s visit. Vishnudas is also actively involved in monitoring and conservation of critically endangered vultures in south India, as part of establishing a Vulture Safe Zone in South India.