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    1. Tropical Grasslands are shrinking! M Arasumani, Danish Khan, CK Vishnudas, M Muthukumar, Milind Bunyan, VV Robin 2018. Invasion compounds an ecosystem-wide loss to afforestation in the tropical grasslands of the Shola Sky Islands. Biological Conservation, 230, 141-150Download Here
    2. How Biodiversity Rich is Coffee Plantation? Karthika C. & Vishnudas C. K. 2018. A comparative study of mixed-species bird flocks in shaded coffee plantation and natural forest in Wayanad, Kerala. Indian BIRDS. 14 (4): 97–102Download Here
    3. Wayanad is the only place you can see Vultures in Kerala! Sashikumar, C., Vishnudas, C. K.. 2018. Status of Vultures in Kerala. Securing Vulture Population in Southern India (2018). Edited by Ramakrishnan, B. Proceedings of the workshop conducted from 8th to 10th, January, 2018 at Udhagamandalam, Nilgiris.Download Here
    4. Wayanad highly susceptible to land slides ! Vishnudas C.K and Suma T.R . 2019. Resilient Wayanad: A Report on the study of natural disasters of 2018(Abstract). Hume Centre for Ecology and Wildlife Biology. KalpettaDownload Here