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  • A sustainable Food System (SFS) is a food system that delivers food security and nutrition for all in such a way that the economic social and environmental basis to generate food security and nutrition for future generations are not compromised. (FAO)

    The Sustainable Development Goal Two, ‘End Hunger’, considers conservation of diverse plant and animal genetic resources at local and regional levels as a strategy to ensure food security for all. The climate action calls for promotion of local food systems that can feed the local people and can reduce the pressure of globalized commercialized food systems on the environment. The challenges of climate change bring complexity of pressures on food systems across the globe. Food security becomes a critical issue for all nation states so the research on sustainable food systems is the need of the hour. The data on the alarming rates of malnutrition due to inaccessibility of quality food as well as high calorie food intakes, increasingly emphasis the need to explore different models of

    food systems and generate a community vision for an integrated food system. These models should be an appropriate mix or balance of social environmental and economic sustainability. As food is the first and last connection of humans with nature there are sustainable models at the grass roots among communities who are still living in harmony with nature. The lessons from these communities and their relationship with the biological resources around will help us to develop appropriate governance structures and institutions for the future. Food is also an appropriate lens to look at the questions related to human health, community wellbeing, social justice and the environment. Food can be foundational to a holistic notion of sustainable living. Food can be described as a vehicle for empowerment and social justice and resilience. Being in Wayanad the rich and dynamic bio-cultural landscape of Western Ghats we would like to do research on the native food systems of multiple communities of the landscape and to bring the learnings to develop a more just and sustainable food system model for the state of Kerala.